Purpose of the AC Marca

"Make it easy to care for and protect people and their homes in their day to day lives"

Over the last 100 years our commitment has always been to the consumer, who is at the heart of all our processes and departments

Make it easy to care for and protect people and their homes in their day to day lives

At AC Marca we like DOING

Doing our work to make our vision and future happen. We take care of the entire process from the idea to producing the products that play a big part in families’ lives.

Our driving force is making everything EASIER

Because we live in a complex and stressful environment, our products are there to help make everyday tasks easier, giving people time to enjoy life.

Because we are committed to CARE

Caring for people, their homes and of course their world, which is also ours. That is why we make sure our activity is at the center, creating sustainable products that are people- and environmentally-friendly.

Our ambition is to PROTECT

That is why we strive to help create environments where people feel protected and comfortable. Safety is fundamental to everything we do and we apply higher standards than legally required.

Because a house is not the same as a HOME

People live in and breathe life into spaces and at AC Marca we want to help everyone always feel at home wherever they are.

That is how it has been and will continue to be, DAY BY DAY

Because we want to continue being part of families and their homes, supporting them in their everyday tasks and helping them in their day-to-day lives.  This has always been our commitment and responsibility.