At AC Marca we are committed to sustainable development, efficient resource management and innovation, always caring for people and our planet

Our 2030 commitments

Split into 3 major strategic pillars to preserve our planet


Develop innovative solutions so that all our products have a positive impact on the planet and people. 

100% Conscientious Compositions

Develop product formulas to make them environmentally-friendly and 100% safe for people and the planet.

100% Circular Packaging

All the packaging for our brands will be recyclable, reusable or compostable, increasing recycled material and fostering eco-design and the circular economy.

100% Sustainable Innovation

Develop innovation that meets sustainability criteria and creates value for both society and the planet.

-75% carbon footprint in 2030

75% reduction in CO2 emissions per Tn manufactured in our activities.
Scope 1 and 2, compared to 2018.

-25% water use

Reduce water consumption per Tn manufactured by 25% in our production centers, boosting our process efficiency.

Zero landfill waste

Reduce waste generated per Tn manufactured by 60%, moving towards zero landfill waste.


Reduce our environmental footprint across the value chain, making our processes more efficient. 


Inspire and foster responsible behavior that brings about a positive impact on people and the planet. 

Committed team

All AC Marca employees 100% engaged in sustainability goals and plans by rolling out training plans and in-house awareness campaigns.

100% committed bands

All brands in the AC Marca Group committed to sustainability, inspiring and fostering responsible behavior and attitudes to product consumption.

Transparency and communication

Commitment to transparency on sustainability progress, instigating dialogue and communications with our customers and suppliers.

Plan AC Marca Care for Tomorrow

At AC Marca, we have been committed to caring for people, homes, and our planet since day one.

Our corporate mission is to make it easy to care for and protect people and their homes in their day-to-day lives, which spurs us to continue working towards being a leader in sustainable development, being an inspiration, and creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

We want to share the milestones we achieved in 2023, a year that brought some major project breakthroughs and laid the foundations to fulfill the goals set out in our 2030 Care for Tomorrow Plan.

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AC Marca Care For Tomorrow 2030

Latest sustainability progress

Our news, milestones and improvements towards a better world