History of AC Marca


Our beginnings

Antonio Marca Caricchio lays the foundations for the AC Marca Group when he begins selling fabric dyes for domestic use. 


ORION® insecticides

The ORION® brand of insecticides is launched on the market, a product that ensures total protection of homes and families without harming their environment. 


TINTES IBERIA® gold medal

TINTES IBERIA®, selected as the best dye product for domestic use, wins gold at the Barcelona International Exhibition for its outstanding quality.

NORIT® is created

The NORIT® brand is created, the first detergent for delicates which becomes known for its hallmark lamb. 


NORIT® constant innovation

NORIT® launches a range of liquid detergents, a major step forward in washing delicate garments.

Iconic ORION® moth killer hanger

Driven by innovation, we develop the well-known ORION® moth killer hanger, designed by the prestigious André Ricard and winner of outstanding innovation awards. 


Acquisition of GIOR®

“A little is enough”.
We acquire the GIOR® detergent brand.


Incorporation of the GIORGI LINE® brand

To expand our Personal Care product portfolio we acquire the GIORGI LINE® brand, current leader in the hair styling sector. 


Floor and wood care with ALEX®

We reiterate our commitment to ensuring the well-being of people and their homes through home care products by taking over ALEX®, a floor wax benchmark product. 


We enter the adhesives sector with CEYS®

We open up a new area of activity by acquiring the CEYS® brand, a leading brand and specialist in adhesives that offers effective and innovative solutions for both domestic and professional use.

Acquisition of the brands IDEAL® and SANYTOL®

Keen to continue growing internationally, we purchase the IDEAL® company in France, leaders in domestic dyes and SANYTOL® bleach-free disinfectants.


Entry into the sunscreen market with the brands AFTERSUN® and ECRAN®

We expand our Personal Care business by taking over the AFTERSUN® and ECRAN® brands, current leaders in sun protection and after-sun. 


We incorporate the brands LACTOVIT®, DENENES® and KINESIA® into our portfolio.

Expansion of our personal hygiene product portfolio. 


Growth of the adhesives division with the brand CYANOLIT®

We galvanize our international presence with the acquisition of CYANOLIT® in France, expanding the Adhesives business.

New area of activity: DERMOCOSMETICS

We acquire GENOVÉ®, an international dermocosmetics laboratory expert in alopecia.


New subsidiary in USA

We take one more step forward in our international presence by taking over the American company PACER TECHNOLOGY® in the US, growing our adhesives business. 


AC Marca centenary

The AC Marca Group celebrates its 100th anniversary. 


We incorporate the brand HANS KARRER®

We integrate the German dermocosmetics company HANS KARRER® Gmbh, a specialist in hair loss treatment and skin care. 


Acquisition of the brand CEBRALIN®

Acquisition of the brand CEBRALIN®, an expert in difficult stains for outside and inside the home. 


We expanded our dermocosmetics division with the DERMENA® brand

We acquired the Polish dermocosmetics company DERMENA®, which specialises in hair and skin care.